Our full product portfolio

The portfolio can be divided in to four categories:

Induced draft cooling tower with axial fans for open circuit / Wet

Induced draft cooling tower with axial fans for closed circuit / Dry

Induced draft dry coolers with adiabatic precooling with axial fans /Hybrid

Special designs (Large Radiators)

Our cooling towers are built after a modular principle and are divided into 6 standard frame sizes, meeting any demand you may have in regard to cooling capacity and volume. Towers can be delivered preassembled from factory and installed using the plug & play principle or we can design heavy duty towers that are installed on site. In addition, our dry coolers can be delivered as a “flat bed” or with “V shaped” coils.

VIC Advantages & features:

Highest efficiency (design to order)

30+ years of experience

Small footprint

Reliable, robust mechanical design for maximum uptime

Proven technology in harsh environments

Plug & Play installation

Utilizing industry- standard components available on the open market

Min. water usage

Products overview

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Induced draft cooling towers with axial fans for open circuit

Open circuit induced- draft cooling towers represents the most efficient method of reaching sub ambient temperatures and via high performance axial fans the power consumption is kept at a minimum. The modular design allows for a smaller footprint. Our design to order principle allows for special needs such as special platforms individual distances between towers etc. The noise levels are kept at a minimum by using special noise dampening fans and should your application require specific noise reduction, our modular noise panels can be installed.

Induced draft cooling towers with axial fans for closed circuit (drycoolers)

Are your needs for cooling not including sub ambient temperatures, and are your requirements to include a minimum of water usage in the cooling process then a closed - circuit cooling principle similar to a traditional heat-exchanger the most likely solution. Via a design based on our expertise within radiator technology, the same basic advantages in regards to footprint and cost effectiveness can be achieved. Vestas dry coolers can be delivered in a traditional V shape design to achieve lower footprint or in a flatbed design either in an open design or within a casing similar to our open circuit towers. As water flowing in a closed circuit the noise level is kept at a minimum and there is no water loss.

Induced draft dry coolers with adiabatic precooling with axial fans /Hybrid

The hybrid cooler (Adiabatic) is a combination of dry cooler and adiabatic pre-cooling, allowing for the cooling medium to reach sub ambient air temperature without using excess water. This solution is recommendable where there is a shortage of water or where cooling needs change depending on the season of the year (winter / summer).

Special applications

Vestas Industrial Cooling supplies a variety of special heat exchangers and cooling installations according to customer specifications - we develop, construct and deliver special constructions according to your requirements and specifications.

Efficiency through constructive design

At Vestas Industrial Cooling, we calculate the right layout for the respective needs in-house. We use our own calculation software, fluid dynamics CFD calculation and our sound calculation software. We develop the right solution for standard, special or turnkey systems from all of the parameters. Regardless of the solution chosen and the preferred type of cooperation with Vestas Industrial Cooling, our first and foremost goal is to offer you the most efficient solution according to your specifications.

Relevant factors for your decision

While volume flow and energy transfer are key parameters for any operating cost analysis (OPEX), your initial investment costs (CAPEX) are often the focus. We offer you a complete overview of the total costs and the amortization (ROI) of your system.

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